sexta-feira, 13 de junho de 2008

So now I...

"Will take my heart back... Leave your pictures on the floor... Steal back my memories... I can't take it anymore... I've cried my eyes out... The way you loved me... Vanisheed all the fears... Just a little more time was we needed, just a little time for me to see... Oh, the light to life can give you... How can you be free?"
we can do everything we want, but close our eyes for the reality can be dangerous, hurting...
Maybe you want to have much a specific thing, you usually don't worry about the risks, fears... You just want, forget about everything and run in direction of yours ideals... And in the midst of all this, can have one hour where you do not even know what you're really ago, where is really worthwhile, even if it is part of his happiness... But for God sake!! I feel me so good when i'm whit you. Is it wrong? tell me.. I just want to know what you think about this, what you feel, what you want, what you are!!! I love you so... and I know that this fret me day after day... I really don't know about the future beside you, but sometimes it's unavoidable. "It will be all right. You said. So i asked you: You promise me?... On more tiime you said: Yes, I promisse... Right! It's done..."
I trust in you more than I trust in myself... And I know this is wrong, but I can't think of another way, I can't feel otherwise... I Only say that not take too... I can't support a long time... I really love you, my dear... Nor you can doubt this...
Boa noite à todos!
Dheyva Blanmy.
P.S: No que diz respeito à gramática, perdão por todos os erros. Preguiça desgraçada de ir atrás pra ver se está realmente tudo certo. No mais, errar é humano! :*

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